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Mackanan has been doing truck lining since 2009 and is one of the leaders in Houston and surrounding areas. We specialize in highly engineered UHMW-PE bed liners for dump bodies and dump trailers of all shapes and sizes. We can help you with square bottom trailers, half-round trailers, hybrid trailers, bottom-dump trailers, hopper trailers, live-bottom trailers, side-dump trailers, off-road trucks, roll-offs and more. Our liners have release agents that reduce or eliminate carry-back, growing your bottom line and giving your liner the longest potential life. Our liners can handle all kinds of bulk materials: from asphalt and aggregate, to sand and mulch. We can line all makes and variations of trucks and trailers and are here to help you protect your equipment and save you money.

Ground Engaging Tools by MTG.

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As the agents for MTG so we can supply all your G.E.T. needs no matter how big or small your equipment is.  MTG is made in Spain out of high quality casting which will outlast the cheaper options coming out of China. We can repair your existing bucket or equipment by repairing cracks professionally using the gouging procedure to remove cracked  material.  


We stock pre-assembled excavator lips for quick repairs. We can collect your bucket and do the repairs for you or you can purchase our pre-assembled lip and fit it yourself with our guidance. 

We can custom build a bucket attachment for you for any and all makes of excavators. You tell us what your needs are and we will design it to meet those needs and reduce your down time.


Let us help you get your digging done efficiently!!

We have all grades of UHMW liner available to meet your needs.

Best used for: High-temperature Applications

Matrox® (UHMW-PE) is the premier liner for all applications, including asphalt. Matrox® has the impact strength, slickness, and abrasion resistance required for all aggregate loads, but is also designed to withstand loads as hot as 350 degrees F.

Best used for: High-impact Applications

RAMEX® Premium

Ramex® Premium (UHMW-PE) is the premium grade aggregate liner. Ramex® Premium offers high impact resistance as well as great release properties.
This makes Ramex® Premium ideal when loading stone, and because of the added toughness, a must when loading boulders and demolition loads.

Best used for: High-abrasion Applications


RAMEX® Reprocessed

Ramex® Reprocessed (UHMW-PE) offers equal abrasion resistance and slickness as Ramex® Premium, but lesser impact strength at a more economical price. This makes Ramex® Reprocessed ideal when loading coal, lime, sludge, gravel and other lower-impact materials.

Best used for: Light-duty Applications


Polystone® D (HMW) is the liner of choice when liner applications do not require significant durability. Designed for softer loads like grain, dirt, mulch, manure, and compost that are abrasive and sticky, Polystone® D provides an affordable solution to material flow issues.

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