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We love the passion, dedication, creativity, and integrity of Mark, Dionne, and their team at Mackanan Fabrication.  For more than 10 years, where other companies were stymied, they’ve collaborated with us and helped design and develop unique products which have become significant to the success of our company.

RIM Manufacturing, LLC



A journey with the Business


Mackanan Fabrication is a collaboration from start to finish. It starts with husband and wife team, Mark Buchanan and Dionne née Mackenzie. A true partnership in marriage, which translated to a successful business venture. Mackenzie and Buchanan became Mackanan Fabrication when the opportunity to become the fabricator for an international mining company arose.

Since 2009.Mackanan has characterized:

  • A collaboration between commitment to quality and price.

  • A collaboration between our goals and our multi-skilled employees.

  • A collaboration between our customers’ ideas and our expertise, vision and result.


Giving the Best Service Always


Mackanan Fabrication is located in Conroe, Texas ideally situated between Highway 59 and the I-45 and approximately 40 miles northeast of Houston, Texas. From overhead crane capacity to acres of storage and inventory space, our facilities offer everything required to meet the needs of our customers in the mining, construction and oil and gas industries. There is no job too big or too small.

Our Services include:

  • Industrial fabrication.

  • Light and Heavy-duty welding on up to 8-inch-thick metals.

  • Line Boring.

  • Hard facing.

  • Construction equipment truck lining.

  • Storage of metals and cut to order.

  • Truck lining of construction equipment

  • Forming and rolling

  • Machining


We Live By This


Integrity guides our path and earns us the trust and confidence of our customers.


Mackanan is committed to excellence in manufacturing and fabricating, continually striving to demonstrate the high value we place on the needs of our customers.  This we achieve through:


  • Skilled, certified and dedicated workforce

  • Quality Control systems

  • Strong, visionary leadership 

  • Quality tools and machinery

  • Ample and relevant inventory

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