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Mackanan started to build skids for the oil and gas industry in 2014 which led to other projects in the oil and gas industry. Mackanan is a great option for turnkey for large projects and weldments.

Ground Engaging Tools by MTG.

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Mackanan is a family owned and operated CNC machining and fabrication job shop specializing in producing turnkey machined components or mechanical assemblies using inhouse CNC machinery, manual machinery, welding, and our network of outside process vendors.

From the time Mackanan entered the metal fabrication & turnkey machining industry we have been fusing much more than just metal. With strong teamwork, honesty, knowledge, professionalism, accountability, and the ability to make it happen, we have mastered the connection of our pride with your product, whether it be big or small.

Our facility and staff maintain strict quality control and attention to detail which enables us to provide our customers with products of excellence created in a timely manner.

Our services include design, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, precision machining, assembly, and inspection. Mack also offers reverse engineering on supplied and approved parts. We are conveniently located near Houston and we serve every industry from oil/gas, construction, mining, agriculture, and everything in between. With our in house, turnkey operations from start to finish, you can trust us with your business requirements.


Mackanan is not only a machining and fabrication company, we can also handle various repairs; all products repaired, manufactured, or fabricated within our facilities are put through the most rigorous set of inspections during production and after completion before being delivered to our customers. We are proud to offer the highest quality services and products in the industry for all our precision machine work.

Mackanan has created long term relationships with our outside process vendors which allows us to offer full turnkey projects to our customers. The following are examples of processes we can offer through our network of certified vendors.

  • Anodizing

  • Plating

  • Coatings

  • Painting

  • NDE

  • Water Jet

  • Polishing

  • Heat treating

  • EDM

  • Gun Drilling on & Off Center

  • Long Bore Drilling/Honing



Stainless steel welding

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